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  1. Miller. A

    Operation "Hotel Company"

    It´s time to slay some zombies! In this FunOp made by our very own Cpl. Moore survivors of some sort of Zombie Apocalypse struggle to reach a safe Haven in a fortified Hotel Complex in Pecher City. It´s gonna be dark and spooky, so be warned!
  2. Miller. A

    D-Day Funop (by T/5 Hill)

    This Sunday! Landing Craft! Artillery! Machine guns and barbed wire! T/5 Hill built an awesome D-Day Mission for us which we will play as a Funop. That means, we´re gonna storm the beaches of Normandy instead of jumping out of a plane prior to that. The mission will be played this sunday...
  3. Miller. A

    Operation Watchful Eye

    Hello again! We´re doin our second Horror Fun Op this saturday since Company HQ has a social life and cant do an operation there. So, for all of you who liked last time, good news! The Mission will continue the story of the 91st´s secret work for the OSS on the Eastern Front. Thanks to your...
  4. Miller. A

    Fun Op Modlist, v1 1.1

    This is the modlist for the upcoming Funop "Breaking the Veil". We might use it in later funops too, depending on how you like this one
  5. Miller. A

    Fun-Op "Breaking the Veil"

    Greetings! Today we are very happy to announce a fun op. We´ve had a look at the recent poll and it was clear that you all would prefer some sort of PVE-Mission with a twist, so this is exactly what you´ll get. You´ll need to download around 400-500 mb in additional mods, if you dont wanna spoil...

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