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fun op

  1. M

    Fun Op : Toy Tank Wars

    Introducing; Toy Tank Wars! Each team will consist out of 2 people to control a Toy Tank. (If you want to team up with someone. Send me a message and i'll make sure you'll end up in a team together.) A Toy Tank is made out of a Stug welded professionaly to a Go Kart. This means 2 players...
  2. Miller. A

    Operation Varsity (Fun OP, WW2, by Pvt. Hill)

    Good morning ladies and gents! I got good news! Pvt. Hill is not only back from his Christmas break, he built an awesome mission while he was away! We´re gonna play that next sunday, at the usual time & place! It will count as a funop so invite friends if you got any friends outside of the unit...

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